Technology Forecasting Workshop -- 2016 Coming Soon

Articulating the present state of the art and evaluating emerging technologies is critical to planning in today's rapidly evolving energy marketplace.  To help train technology professionals in making such assessments, Golden, Colorado based Technology/Engineering Management Int'l will be conducting the 2016 edition of its 2-day workshop on Technological Forecasting for Science & Technology Intelligence with Applications in Renewable and Alternative Energy.

TEMI Principal Consultant and workshop leader Dr. Richard Mignogna notes that "the most successful technology intensive organizations are those that devote the necessary resources to understanding their technological base and how their key technologies will evolve over time.  But there is a skill to doing this and it goes beyond relying on anecdotal information or the biased predictions coming from market research houses."

In the TF/STI Workshop, participants will learn proven analytical techniques for assessing the state of the art and predicting future directions and likely developments in technologies of interest to them.  Combining both quantitative and qualitative approaches, participants will return home with tools to make their own assessments of emerging technologies that can impact their business.

Although the tools and techniques will be of general interest to technologists in any industry, the 2016 edition of the TF/STI Workshop will showcase applications in renewable and alternative energy.  Whether your interest is in R&D management, strategic technology planning, engineering, or production, the 2016 edition of the TF/STI workshop is not to be missed.

To learn more about the TF/STI Workshop, or to register, visit the TEMI website at or send an email to

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